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"Retired Ranchers Getaway"

We had the pleasure of bringing our recent clients' dreams to life. As retired ranchers who relocated to Lincoln to be closer to family, this project was unique because the future homeowners did not live in Lincoln, which meant much of the communication was done via phone calls, email, and using builder trend. To help them get a sense of what their dream home would aesthetically look like, we toured our other projects to identify design features to incorporate into their home. Through our design process, we helped them develop a layout and exterior design that they fell in love with.

During The construction phase, we helped them choose additional interior and exterior selections and finishes to ensure they had a cohesive design throughout. The design of this project was focused on bringing the family back together by providing them with spaces large enough for family gatherings but still comfortable for just the two of them! Our ultimate goal with every project is to eliminate the stress clients feel during the custom home process.


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