Office Remodeling/Renovation

Looking to increase productivity, build morale and cut costs around the office? Call Archetype Design Build and let’s work together to renovate your office space with a fresh new look that’s strengthened and revived for your clients and employees Archetype Design Build specializes in office remodeling, helping you create new, updated office space that can rejuvenate your team and save you money with our new green energy-saving technology and standards. Our renovation process is very simple: Planning > Engineering > Repairing > Rebuilding > and, our favorite part, Finishing. So let’s start with the planning part, and we will walk you through the rest of the way!

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Warehouse Commercial Remodeler

Are you looking for a new warehouse space or an upgrade to your current facility? We can help. Often clients will come to us during their search for an industrial space, looking for specific bids on potential properties that need upgrading. With our experience in industrial warehouse space, we are able to help them with estimates involving repair/remodeling for industrial spaces, helping them make the proper financial move for their business. We also help clients with warehouse and industrial build-outs. Medical companies for example often need offices, break rooms and other rooms added to their warehouse facility and we help them accomplish those goals without disrupting their operations. Archetype Design Build’s goal is to continue to provide excellent customer service, accurate estimates, on-time completion and professionalism with every project.

Restaurant Commercial Remodeler

In the restaurant industry, we truly believe that “If you wait until it looks like it’s time to remodel, you’ve waited too long.” Too many restaurants fade out because they choose to delay much-needed upgrades or renovations to their facilities. At Archetype Design Build, we help make sure that doesn’t happen. With our extensive Remodeling experience, we can help you bring life back into your restaurant. Remodeling an existing restaurant can end up costing more than you expect if construction interferes with daily operations or serving hours. Archetype Design Build can help you manage the entire process, and will even schedule construction hours to make sure your restaurant business doesn’t see any downtime.

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Retail Renovations

With the recent growth of Amazon and other online retailers, standard retail stores are being forced to step up their effort in creating an excellent experience for their customers. Nowadays, it’s almost a must for retail stores to create a “wow” factor to attract and maintain customers at their stores. The “wow” factor is obtained by giving storefronts a facelift with bright new lighting, signage, windows, and doors. But that wow factor must also continue as your customers enter your store. So, we help by creating interactive spaces that retain the customers’ attention on the sales floor with new carpet or VCT flooring and new store furniture, racking, shelving, and fixture installations. Call us today and let Archetype Design Build bring your store back to life.